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Pelvic floor training

A strong pelvis is flexible and dynamic: the basis for good physical well-being. An active pelvic floor not only acts against incontinence, but it also supports posture, balance and agility. It gives us strength, energy and passion.

For many women, the pelvic floor muscles weaken after pregnancy or birth. For men, after prostate surgery or with age. However, it can also be caused by physical stress, frequent sitting, poor posture or surgery. Besides problems with continence, a weakened pelvic floor can also contribute to complications such as bladder or uterine prolapse as well as back and foot pain.

Statistics show that 30 – 50% of women suffering from urinary incontinence do not seek treatment. That’s because women often view urinary incontinence as either an unavoidable consequence of childbirth or a normal part of the aging process. As for male urinary incontinence, it is a common problem following prostate surgery.

Weakness is not the only problem which occures in the pelvic floor. Many suffer from Pelvic Pain Syndrom, causing pain and symptoms similar to that of a bladder infection.

The good news is that pelvic Floor Training can help both women and men with these issues. 
Regular training of the pelvic floor muscles is usually sufficient in order to avoid these unpleasant consequences. However, for most people, this is not easy at the beginning. Learn how you can train or relax your pelvic floor at home, at work, in the car or standing in a queue with simple and fun exercises.

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