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Gyrotonic® Frankfurt Center

Are you looking for a full body workout to build strength, coordination and flexibility? A gentle form of therapy for improved mobility? Would you like to train with the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® system in 1-to-1 coaching or in a group? Or would you like to become a trainer yourself? Then this is the place to be!

Intuitive, rhythmically flowing, dynamic, expansive... As former professional ballet dancers, we were impressed by the Gyrotonic training method from the outset.

After successfully completing the teacher training and several years of training experience in Freiburg im Breisgau, we founded the Gyrotonic Frankfurt Center in 2009 – the first therapy and training center specialized entirely in this training method in the Rhine-Main area.




The Gyrotonic method is a holistic, highly versatile movement system,
which is based on specially developed training equipment.

Gyrotonic was developed by the former ballet dancer Juliu Horvath. After a spinal injury, he created this unique training concept, which combines therapeutic principles with elements of yoga, dance and Tai Chi. Nowadays, Gyrotonic is used worldwide and is included in the training programs of golf and basketball professionals as well as Bundesliga teams, among others.

Unlike conventional training methods, Gyrotonic allows for free, flowing and three-dimensional movements. So you not only train all muscle groups, but also improve flexibility, body tension and coordination at the same time. There are corresponding breathing patterns for each exercise that support your movements perfectly and boost your concentration.



Gyrokinesis – to some extent the origin of Gyrotonic – is a versatile yet thorough movement training system that works without any equipment at all.

Similar to the Gyrotonic method, Gyrokinesis also combines knowledge of modern kinematics with millennia-old Far Eastern knowledge of the sensitive interaction between body and mind. Gyrokinesis is therefore an ideal addition to your Gyrotonic training, but you can also practice it independently of this – with a therapeutic background and as an individual fitness program

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Gyrotonic Frankfurt Center
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