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Intuitive exercise training in the workplace.

Flexible, dynamic, resilient – almost every job description requires these qualities now. However, everyday life presents us with very different challenges. It’s possible that we spend most of our time sitting down. At most, the constant jumping from appointment to appointment keeps us moving. The tighter the schedule, the shorter the regeneration phase which brings you closer you get to your performance limits. Do you know this only too well? Then it’s time to make a change.

Our move@work program offers the ideal conditions for this.

The main module in the move@work program comprises intuitive movement coaching. Here, among other things, we rely on the Gyrokinesis® training method with its three-dimensional circular motions. The workout does not take much time and can even be practiced in everyday clothing in the office. In this way, move@work can be optimally integrated into your working routine.

Discover a new freedom of movement!

Our exercise sequence developed specially for office environments

  • Our exercise sequence developed specially for office environments
  • mobilize the whole body,
  • make the back supple,
  • counteract one-sided postures,
  • relieve stress,
  • increase your powers of concentration
  • allow you to quickly find a new equilibrium.


The move@work coaching takes place on your premises or in our facilities – individually or in a small team. Let’s discuss your individual program!

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